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中国有句话叫做 “求学不是求分数” ,我们通常会把分数看的很重要,觉得分数大于一切,但其实最重要的是学习的过程以及学到的知识,考试是为了检验我们学到了多少知识,这样才能促使我们不断进步。

There’s a Chinese saying “求学不是求分数”, “learning is not just seeking scores”.  We often place great importance over the grades, like it’s bigger than life. However, the most important part of learning is process, and the knowledge learned. Examination serves the purpose of checking how much we have learned, to encourage and continue to improve.

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大家好,欢迎大家来到 Happy School Online  学习汉语。

今天的视频, 我们将会学习到怎样去表达分数。先看看王华和大卫他们俩人的对话吧 !

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Happy School Online for Mandarin learning. In today’s video we will learn how to express scoring. Lets first watch the conversation between Wang Hua and David!

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Wang Hua and David had finished their exam and they are discussing their exam scores.

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