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Warm Up

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大家好!欢迎大家来到 Happy School Online 学习汉语。我们可以邀请朋友看电影,打篮球,参加 party,也可以邀请朋友一起购物,购物在我们生活中是必不可少的,所以这节课我们就一起学习和购物有关的对话吧。今天的对话比较长,有些难度,希望大家打起精神,认真学习对话。

Hello everybody! Welcome to Happy School Online for Chinese learning. We can invite our friends to see a movie, play basketball, to a party, or invite our friends to go shopping, and shopping is an indispensable part of our life. So, let's all learn some shopping related conversations together in this lesson. Today's conversation is rather long and more difficult. I hope you can keep your spirits up and focus on the dialog learning.

Listen to conversation

Li Yu and Wang Hua went shopping together, and Li Yu saw a dress she liked very much.