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Have You Eaten?

At round mealtime, when Chinese people meet, it is common to greet each other by saying, “ 你 吃 了吗 (nǐ chī le ma)? “ (Have you eaten yet?), or the " 你 nǐ ", or "you" is omitted for simplicity in everyday usage.  You need to be familiar to use ” 吃 了 吗? chī le ma ?" as it is most often used between friends, co-workers and neighbors at mealtime. Let us talk about how to use and respond to it as follows.

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Have You Eaten?

小 王 , 你 去 哪 儿 了 ?

xiǎo wánɡ , nǐ qù nǎr le ?

Where did you go, Xiao Wang?

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Have You Eaten?

我 去 吃 饭 了 , 你 吃 了 吗 ?

wǒ qù chī fàn le , nǐ chī le mɑ?

I went to lunch. Have you eaten yet?

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