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How old is your grandpa?

你知道要怎样用汉语询问别人年龄吗? 原来面对不同的人, 会有不同的提问方法。我们今天就会教你如何询问别人的年龄。

Do you know how to ask for someone’s age in Mandarin? Turns out, the way you ask varies for different people. Today we will show you how to ask someone their age.

Warm Up

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大家好,欢迎大家来到Happy School Online 学习汉语。

你今年多少岁? 你会不会很怕人问起这问题。不要紧, 只要像王华爷爷一样, 活得健康快乐,有一个年轻的心态,几岁根本不重要。我们一起看看对话吧!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Happy School Online for Chinese learning.

How old are you this year? Are you really afraid to be asked with this question? Don’t worry, like Wang Hua’s grandpa, with health and a young mindset, age doesn’t matter. Let us look at the conversation now.

Listen to conversation

Wang Hua’s grandfather looks really young. If he doesn’t say, no one would have guessed that he’s already 65 years old.

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