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I'm going to the library

便利的交通对于繁荣的城市非常重要。不同的交通工具有不同的特征。 每樣交通工具都有它的優點, 也有缺點。有什麼交通工具你是常常使用的?

Convenient transportation is very important for a prosperous city. Different vehicles have different characteristics. Every kind of transportation has its advantages and disadvantages. What kind of transportation do you use frequently?

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大家好,欢迎大家来到 Happy School Online 学习汉语,我们的日常生活离不开衣食住行,这节课我们要讲的就是“行”,“行”也就是出行,出行时候我们乘坐的交通工具。



Hello! Welcome to Happy School Online for Mandarin learning. Our daily life is inseparable from clothing, food, living, and trip. In this lesson, we are going to talk about "行", and "行" means traveling, and the transportation we take when traveling.

Now we have more and more choices of transportation. Going far away, we have airplanes, high-speed rails, and trains. At close distances, we can take subways, buses, taxis, and bicycles.

Various kinds of transportation will appear in the dialogue of this class. Let's take a look at the dialogue together.

Listen to conversation

Wang is going to the library of the downtown, but he does not know how to get there so he asks Li.

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