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I need to go see a doctor.

每个人都会生病,不管是感冒或者是其他的病,我们通常都会选择去医院,去医院看病会有自己的一套流程,有的地方是需预约,而在中国叫做 "挂号" ,它过程是怎样的呢?

Everyone gets sick, whether it’s a cold or other sickness we often choose to go to the hospital. We all have our ways of getting the checkup, some places you need to call ahead. In China it’s called “挂号” which means to register. So how does it work in Chinese?

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最近天气忽冷忽热,大家要注意身体, 不然就要和王华一样,感冒了,王华这次感冒好像有些严重,各种各样感冒的的症状都出现了,所以他不得不去医院看病了, 我們快去看看他, 关心一下他吧!

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The weather has been fluctuating a lot and people should be careful with their health. Don’t end with getting a cold like Wang Hua. His cold seems to be more serious this time, showing various cold symptoms so he has to go see a doctor. Let go take a look at him and comfort him a little.

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Wang Hua caught a cold, so he went to the central hospital to see a doctor.

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