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I would like to order a taxi


Nowadays, it is convenient to order a taxi, we can hail a taxi easily on the side of the road. We also can order a taxi by phone at home as well. When we walk out of our home, a taxi will arrive to serve us.

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想出门舒适方便一点,只要我们把每个小细节都想好就行。好像我们今天的主角李玉,她打算出行,为了方便, 她预约了一辆出租车送她去机场。那我们就来看看怎样用普通话预约出租车吧!

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To go out comfortably and conveniently, we need to plan every detail well. Today, Li Yu is planning to go out, for convenience, she therefore orders a taxi in advance to take her to the airport. Let us see how to order a taxi in Mandarin!

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Li Yu will go to the airport tomorrow morning. For convenience, she orders a taxi in advance.

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