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空闲时, 你会去哪儿? 去看电影? 去旅行? 无论你打算进行什么活动, 有一个志同道合的伙伴是很重要的。怎样邀约伙伴就是你将会学习的课题。

Where do you go when you are free? Go to the movies? Go on a trip? No matter what activities you plan to do, it is important to have like-minded partners. How to invite partners is the subject you will learn.

Warm Up

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大家好!欢迎大家来到 Happy School Online 学习汉语,如何介绍自己以及询问别人的名字?


Hi Everyone! Welcome to Happy School Online for Chinese learning. How to introduce ourselves and ask their names?  After you make new friends, in order to become closer to your new friends, you want to invite your friends to hang out or visit your home. How do you invite them in Chinese?



Today we are going to learn how to invite people to do something in Chinese.

Let's study the dialogue carefully first!

Listen to conversation

After school, Wang Hua wanted to invite Li Yu to watch a movie, so Wang Hua asked Li Yu if she was free