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空闲时, 你会去哪儿? 去看电影? 去旅行? 无论你打算进行什么活动, 有一个志同道合的伙伴是很重要的。怎样邀约伙伴就是你将会学习的课题。

Where do you go when you are free? Go to the movies? Go on a trip? No matter what activities you plan to do, it is important to have like-minded partners. How to invite partners is the subject you will learn.

Warm Up

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大家好!欢迎大家来到 Happy School Online 学习汉语,如何介绍自己以及询问别人的名字?


Hi Everyone! Welcome to Happy School Online for Chinese learning. How to introduce ourselves and ask their names?  After you make new friends, in order to become closer to your new friends, you want to invite your friends to hang out or visit your home. How do you invite them in Chinese?



Today we are going to learn how to invite people to do something in Chinese.

Let's study the dialogue carefully first!

Listen to conversation

After school, Wang Hua wanted to invite Li Yu to watch a movie, so Wang Hua asked Li Yu if she was free

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lǐ yù, nǐ jīn tiān yǒu kòng ma

Li Yu, are you free today?

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wǒ jīn tiān yǒu kòng

I'm free today.

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tài hǎo le! wǒ xiǎng qǐng nǐ kàn diàn yǐng, kě yǐ ma

That’s great! I’d like to ask you to a movie. Is that all right.

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dāng rán kě yǐ

Yes, of course.

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wǒ men yí huì er zài diàn yǐng yuàn jiàn

Let’s see each other at the movie theatre later.

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hǎo de, yí huì er jiàn

Ok, see you later.

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Ok, the dialog just now may seem a little challenging, don’t worry, I will breakdown each phrase with detail explanation.

首先第一句是 "你今天有空吗?/ Are you free today?" 当你在邀请别人之前,你肯定需要很有礼貌的问一下人家有没有时间,所以在汉语里就用这句话“你有空吗?”

The first sentence is "lǐ yù, nǐ jīn tiān yǒu kòng ma? /  Are you free today?"  Before you invite someone, you must ask them politely if they are available.

"今天" 很好理解,就是 today 的意思,"有空" 这里的 "空" 就是 "空闲" 的意思,就是 free。大家要注意这里的 "空" 声调读四声 "kòng"  而不是一声,声调是一声的 "空 kōng" 意思是 "empty"。

"jīn tiān" is easy to understand. It means today,  "kòng" means free. Notice that the "empty" tone here reads fourth, not first. The first tone is "kōng" meaning "empty".


This sentence is very important and very common. Hence I hope you will all write it down, definitely will come in handy.

那当别人问你 "你今天有空吗?" 你要是有时间你就说 "我今天有空 / I'm free today" ,相反,要是没时间,你就可以说 "我今天没空 / I'm not free today".

When someone asks you,  "lǐ yù, nǐ jīn tiān yǒu kòng ma?"  If you have time, you can say "wǒ jīn tiān yǒu kòng". If you don't have time, you can say "wǒ jīn tiān méi kòng ".


There’s no need to worry here, this sentence is quite simple. It can be used daily and the more you say it the easier it will be. Don’t be afraid of mistakes.

再看这句话 "太好了 ,我想请你去看电影,可以吗?"。"太好了" 是汉语中很常见的一个口语,意思就和英语中的 great 一样。

Let’s have a look at this phrase  "tài hǎo le! wǒ xiǎng qǐng nǐ kàn diàn yǐng, kě yǐ ma?".  "tài hǎo le!" is a common colloquial expression in Chinese, same as  "great" in English.

接下来就到了今天的重点部分啦,邀请某人做某事,它的語法結構是 "主语  + 想 + 请 + 宾语 + 动词词组" ,比如对话中的 "我 + 想 + 请 + 你+ 看电影",就是套用这个语法结构,,除此之外我们还可以说 "我想请你吃饭", "我想请你来参加我的 party",等等。

Now for the key learning of the day. To ask/invite someone to do something in Chinese, Its grammatical structure is "Subject + xiǎng + qǐng + Object + Phrasal verb",  such as this conversation "wǒ xiǎng qǐng nǐ kàn diàn yǐng" Uses this sentence structure. Besides that we can also say "wǒ xiǎng qǐng nǐ chī fàn ",  "wǒ xiǎng qǐng nǐ lái cān jiā wǒ de party" and so on.

"想" 的意思就是 "to want / would like to"。 "可以吗?" 在汉语中,就是征求别人的意见。意思是 is that ok?

"xiǎng" means "to want / like to". "kě yǐ ma?" In Chinese, it means to ask for someone's opinion. As in, "Is that ok?"


The key part is to do focus learning. It is slightly difficult but don’t worry. Try to practice by repeatedly inviting people with this phrase.

当约好了和朋友去看电影,就要约定地点了,去看电影当然是在电影院见面比较好,"一会儿见" 就是 see you later的意思了。

Once you are set with your movie appointment then you would decide a meeting spot. Of course, for a movie it makes sense to meet at the theatre. "yí huì er jiàn" means  "see you later".


By this point, it’s a wrap to the individual invitation talk. To say it’s simple yet not really simple, or hard but not too hard, essentially you all should practice with repetition.

Vocabulary to know

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今天 [ jīn tiān ] (n)


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jīn tiān tiān qì zěn me yàng ?

How's the weather today?

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有空 [ yǒu kòng ]

available, have time off

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nǐ yǒu kòng ma ?

Do you have time?

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太 [ tài ] (adv)

too, excessively, very

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jiàn dào nǐ wǒ tài kāi xīn le 。

I'm so happy to see you.

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我 [ wǒ ] (pron)

I, me

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wǒ shì yì míng xué shēng 。

I am a student.

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我们 [ wǒ men ] (pron)

we, us

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wǒ men shì lái zì bǜ tóng guó jiā de xué shēng 。

We are students from different countries.

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想 [ xiǎng ] (mod)

to want, like to

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wǒ xiǎng yào yìbēi kā fēi 。

I would like a cup of coffee

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请 [ qǐng ] (v)

to invite, please

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wǒ xiǎng qǐng nǐ lái wǒ jiā chī fàn 。

I want to invite you to dinner at my house.

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电影 [ diàn yǐng ] (n)

film, movie

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jīn tiān de diàn yǐng hǎo kàn ma ?

How was the movie today?

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电影院 [ diàn yǐng yuan ] (n)

cinema, movie theatre

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zhōu mò de diàn yǐng yuàn rén hěn duō 。

There are a lot of people in the cinema on weekends.


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Through this lesson, we learned how to invite others in Chinese. In this lesson, we have learned some very important and common sentences.

一个是 "你今天有空吗?/ Are you free today?" 一个是 "我想请你看电影 /  I'd like to invite you to a movie" 。这里的而愈发结构是 "主语 + 想 + 请 + 宾语 + 动词词组",很重要哦,大家要记住它。最后一个很简单就是 "一会儿见 / see you later".

One is  “nǐ jīn tiān yǒu kòng ma / Are you free today?". One is "wǒ xiǎng qǐng nǐ kàn diàn yǐng / I'd like to invite you to a movie". The major structure here is "subject + xiǎng + qǐng + object + phrasal verb". It is a key point for you all to remember. The last one is simply “yí huì er jiàn / see you later."

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