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Paying the bill



When you are out eating with others, do you or others pay the bill? Or how does paying the bill work in your country?

Today, we will look at how we pay bills in China.

Warm Up

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大家好!欢迎大家来到 Happy School Online 学习汉语,今天我们要学习的内容和买单有关,买单在我们日常生活中经常发生,只要出去吃饭,买东西都会牵扯到买单。



Hi Everyone! Welcome to Happy School Online for Chinese learning. Today, our learning material will be about paying the bill. Paying bills happen in our daily lives. We deal with bills when we eat out, or buy things.

We will learn some words and sentences related to paying bills, for an example: my treat, hosting, what’s the total bill? And so on.

Let us have a look at the following conversation.

Listen to conversation

Li Yu and Wang Hua are full and they are going to pay.

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