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Self Introduction

We learn a language for communication and to meet more friends. First step to making more friends is to exchange introduction. So, for this lesson we will learn how to self-introduce in Chinese.

Warm Up

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大家好!欢迎大家来到 Happy School Online 学习汉语,这节课我们会学习到几个在汉语中进行自我介绍的很常见,经常会用到的句子。比如:很高兴认识你、你叫什么名字?等等。


Hi Everyone! Welcome to Happy School Online for Mandarin learning. In this lesson, we will learn some sentences that are commonly used to introduce ourselves in Chinese. E.g. Nice to meet you. What's your name? And so on.

Now let us listen to the dialogue carefully!

Listen to conversation

The first time Wang Hua and Li Yu met, they introduced each other.