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The flight is delayed


Nowadays, there are many transportations we can take when we go out, such as train, high-speed rail, or airplane. I like to take the high-speed rail because it never delays but flying is different. I think people who flies frequently, will encounter some flight delays, have you experienced them?

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Li Yu's flight was delayed because of weather, and she called Wang about her situation.

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The flight is delayed


wei ,lǐ yù 。

Hello, Li Yu.

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The flight is delayed


wei ,wáng huá ,wǒ fēi jī yán wù le 。

Hello, Wang Hua, my flight is delayed.

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The flight is delayed


wéi shén me yán wù le ?

Why is it delayed?

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The flight is delayed


yīn wèi léi yǔ tiān qì。

It is because of thunderstorm.

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The flight is delayed