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What hairstyle do you want today?


Different hairstyles give people different feelings. Some people like long hair, some prefer short hair, and some even adore curly hair. I wonder if you have a favorite hairstyle.

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大家好,欢迎大家来到 Happy School Online学习汉语。

同一张脸只要搭配不同的发型,马上就会有焕然一新的感觉, 所以说发型对人很重要。今天李玉打算去换个发型,大家来帮她看看是不是比之前好看多了。

Hello everyone, welcome to Happy School Online for Mandarin learning.

A person paired with different hairstyles can greatly refresh his or her vibe, it is therefore crucial to have the right hairstyle. Today, Li Yu is going to change her hairstyle. Let’s help her decide if her new hairstyle looks better or not.

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Li Yu wants to switch up her look, so she goes to the hair salon to change the hairstyle.

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