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What kind of clothes do you like?



What do you typically browse online? Shows, comics, news, or for learning. One of my favorite things to do online is to check out different types of beautiful clothing, also fashionista channels. Today we will learn about clothes related subjects.

Warm Up

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大家好!欢迎大家来到Happy School Online学习汉语,俗话说的好,爱美之心人皆有之,我们都喜欢把自己打扮的漂漂亮亮的,特别是女生会去商场买各种各样漂亮的衣服来打扮自己。



Hi Everyone! Welcome to Happy School Online for Chinese learning. As the saying goes, it’s normal to try and look good, we all like to dress pretty and appropriate. Girls especially, would buy all types of beautiful clothes from the mall, to dress up themselves.

So then, how can you express it in Mandarin when shopping at the mall? This lesson, we will learn how to use Chinese to buy clothes, including some clothing types, such as short sleeves, shirt, skirt and etc.

Lets begin, and look at the conversation!

Listen to conversation

Li Yu is walking into a shopping mall to buy clothes

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