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What time is it?

平常你会把时间花在哪里?  时间每分每秒的流过,感觉时间过得很快。 经常会有人询问时间  - “现在几点”。  在学校时, 现在几点了? 几点要上课, 几点下课。  在公司里, 几点要开会, 几点下班等等。 关于时间的询问, 我们一起来看看。

What do you usually spend your time on? Every second time continues to flow by, as it seems to pass by quickly.  Often people ask, “What time is it? At the school, what time is it? Time for class or time to go home. At work, you have the time for meetings, time you are off. Now, let us look at conversations relate to time.

Warm Up

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大家好,欢迎大家来到 Happy School Online  学习汉语。

平常你们会花多少时间来学习汉语呢?  又有没有一个固定的时间来学习汉语呢?  会从几点到几点呢?  对于用汉语来询问时间的句子,  你又认识多少呢?  我们今天的课堂将会跟大家一起学习  “询问时间”。

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Happy School Online for Mandarin learning. Usually, how much time do you use to learn Chinese? Or have a set schedule for your Chinese learning? From when to when? How familiar are you with using Chinese to ask / talk about time? In today’s lesson we will learn to “Ask for time”.

Listen to conversation

Wang Hua and Li Yu separately has a morning class, a afternoon class, so they meet at noon for lunch.

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