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Where do you work at?

在我们日常生活中有些工作跟工作地點有着密切的關係, 可能你说出自己是什么职业, 人家就会猜到你在哪里上班,比如你是医生,那么你就在医院工作,你是老师,你就在学校工作 所以我們今天就教你问别人在哪儿工作,从而得知对方是做什么的。

In our daily life, some jobs are closely related to the job locations. It’s likely when you disclose your profession others can figure out where you work at. E.g. As a doctor you work at the hospital, if you are a teacher, you work at a school. So we today we will show you how to ask others where they work and what they do for a living.

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大家好,欢迎大家来到Happy School Online 学习汉语。

現在在听课的你们, 都是做什麼工作的呢? 會不會也跟我一樣是老師? 或者是醫生, 又或者是飞行员? 嗯…今天我們視頻主角李玉, 也跟我一樣很好奇她身邊的人都是做什麼工作的, 我們来聽聽她是怎样去询问别人工作的….

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Happy School Online for Chinese learning.

For those of you listening now, what are your professions? A teacher like me? A doctor, or a pilot? So, today our screen actor Li Yu is as curious as me, to find out what are the professions of those around her. Lets listen in and see how she goes about asking their professions.

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Li and Wang are chatting. They asked each other about their father's occupations.

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