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Spring Morning

Spring Morning (春晓 ) was composed by Tang Dynasty Poet Meng Haoran (孟浩然) to describe the observations and thoughts of the Poet upon waking up on a pleasant spring morning.

In the spring night, one fell asleep all night, and realized that the sky was already bright. He woke up and heard the sound of the birds twirling from all over. Remember vaguely the wind and rain of last night, he did not know how many petals would be blown to the ground.

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Additional Notes

春晓 Spring Morning


chūn mián bù jué xiǎo,

I wake up with the sun up high.


chù chù wén tí niǎo。

I wake up with the sun up high.


Last night a rainstorm passed by.

yè lái fēng yǔ shēng,


huā luò zhī duō shǎo。

Flowers must have fallen down.