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Toiling Farmers

Toiling Farmers (悯农) was written by Tang Dynasty Poet Li Shen (李绅) to express the hard work of farmers for every single grain of rice.  

The first two lines describe farmers working very hard for toiling despite the very hot weather at noon.  The following two lines relate the hard work of farmers with the food in people’s bowls, and that every grain of rice comes at the expense of hard labor.

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Additional Notes

悯农 Toiling Farmers 


chú hé rì dāng wǔ, 

Farmers weeding at noon,  


hàn dī hé xià tǔ 。 

Sweat down the field soon.  


shuí zhī pán zhōng cān, 

Who knows food on a tray,  


lì lì jiē xīn kǔ。 

Thanks to their toiling day.