Mandarin Grammar

Express Gratitude

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to express apologies.

  • Learn some appropriate responses to apologies.

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Additional Notes

How to express gratitude in Mandarin?

Let’s talk about "谢谢, xiè xie", it means “Thank You”. It is a common way to say thank you to somebody to express gratitude.

For examples, when a person helps you to finish a job. In English, you often say, Thank you for your help. In Mandarin Chinese, you can say,

  • 谢谢您的帮助, xiè xie nǐ de bāng máng

Let’s see another example, when a person pays home visit to you, In English, you might say, I greatly appreciate your visit to my home. In Mandarin, you can say,

  • 我非常感谢您访问我的家, wǒ fēi cháng gǎn xiè nǐ dào fǎng wǒ jiā

Comparing to “谢谢, xiè xie” - Thank you”, the phase “非常感谢, fēi cháng gǎn xiè" - greatly appreciate” is used to show greatly gratitude.

Apart from saying “谢谢, xiè xie - Thank you” , and “非常感谢, fēi cháng gǎn xiè - greatly appreciate”  to convey our sincere gratitude, when a person assists you to do something, you might say,

  • "辛苦你了, xīn kǔ nǐ le"  (This was really a lot of work for you.)

  • "麻烦你了, má fan nǐ le" (This caused you too much trouble.)

How to respond to gratitude in Mandarin?

So, after a person say “thank you” to you, how you respond?

The most common way you can reply “不客气, bú kè qi”, which means “You’re welcome”. Alternatively, we can response with:

  • 不谢, bú xiè” (Don't thank.)

  • 没事, méi shì” (It wasn't anything.)

  • 哪里, nǎ lǐ” (It was nothing.)

Next, let’s see how to say goodbye to somebody in Mandarin Chinese. If you want to say goodbye to somebody,  you can say “再见, zài jiàn”, it means goodbye.

When somebody says goodbye to you. You can just reply “zài jiàn - goodbye”. And sometimes you’ll see a person again just after a while you could say “待会儿见, dāi huìr jiàn" - see you soon” And reply as the same way “dāi huìr jiàn - see you soon”.