Mandarin Grammar

Measure Words

Learning Objectives

Measure words are important in Mandarin grammar, they are always used before a noun to specify its quantity unit. So, how we express these in Chinese?

Please watch our video to find out the answers.

Learning Video

Additional Notes

(1) Grammatical structure of using measure words:

  • Quantity + a measure word + noun

(2) Six most common to use measure words, including

  • 个 gè : it has the entire and complete meaning and expresses a complete and separate unit of people, things and ideas.

  • 位 wèi : it specifies a unit of a person in respect and courtesy manner.

  • 张 zhāng : it specifies a unit of thing that can be extensible, and specifies a unit of item in flat shape.

  • 条 tiáo : it specifies a unit of thing that is in slender and strip shape.

  • 件 jiàn : it often specifies a unit of clothing and things.

  • 只 zhī : it specifies a unit of birds and animals and specifies a unit of a single object.

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