Mandarin Grammar

Ordinal Numbers

Learning Objectives

We are going to teach you how to use ordinal numbers in Mandarin Chinese.

Ordinal numbers are used in many daily life scenarios such as championship ranking, row order, position in a queue and so on. So, how we express these in Chinese?

Please watch our video to find out the answers.

Learning Video

Additional Notes

(1) In general, to make a number ordinal, we add “ 第 dì ” before a number. For examples,

  • The first, " 第一 dì  yī "

  • The second, " 第二 dì èr "

  • The third, " 第三 dì sān "

  • The sixth, " 第六 dì liù "

(2) Besides adding  “ 第 dì ”  before a number, ordinal numbers require a measure word with a noun.  For examples,

  • The first day, " 第一  dì  yī tiān "

  • The second week, " 第二  dì èr zhōu "

  • The third lesson, " 第三 dì sān "

  • The fourth time, " 第六 dì sì "

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