The Chinese Language Proficiency Test (HSK) Level 1

Learning Highlight

  • Learn a basic vocabulary of 150 Chinese characters and understand the relevant grammatical structure.

  • Use real-life and simple scenarios to enable you to confidently master the taught vocabulary and grammatical constructs.

  • Prepare to pass the HSK Test Level 1 and build a solid foundation to top up to higher level of the Test.

  • HSK Level 1 open class is designed for a beginner who plans to participate in the HSK Test Level 1.

  • The class consists of five sections, including pronunciation, conversation, grammar, elementary introduction of Chinese characters, and the HSK mock test.

  • Having passed the HSK Test Level 1, you are expected to understand and could use simple Chinese words and phrases to meet elementary needs for basic communication using Mandarin and be able to further your HSK Level 2 study.

  • Below 15 units are specifically designed to help you learn and master the required knowledge and skills to pass the HSK Test Level 1.

  • If you need our Chinese teachers to coach you throughout your study of the HSK Test Level 1, you are always welcomed to register our relevant courses.   

Unit 1



Sorry! Sorry!

It doesn’t matter.

I’m so sorry, I am rushing to class

and accidentally collide with you.

Never mind.


Unit 3

Interview 面试

Interview 面试

Hello, my name is Xiao Zhi, What’s your name?
Hello, my name is Xiao Mei.
Xiao Mei.
Are you also interviewing part-time teachers?

Unit 5

None of your business 不关你的事

None of your business 不关你的事

Annie, wait for me.
Are you also going to class?
Where are you from?
Hong Kong
Wow! Hong Kong is a great place.

Unit 7

Beautiful Encounter 美丽的邂逅

Beautiful Encounter  美丽的邂逅

Hi ! Exercise me, may I have the time please?
It’s at 12:10pm
What a coincident! It’s also at 12:10pm on my phone.
Look how much we have fate!

Unit 9

What does he do? 他是做什么的?

What does he do? 他是做什么的?

I heard you and your boyfriend were university classmates.
Yes. We met at our university.
So, you've been dating for a long time, haven't you?
Yeah, we've been dating for five years
How about you? 

Unit 11

How much is this cup? 这个杯子多少钱?

How much is this cup? 这个杯子多少钱?

Hello! Li Yue
Hello! Xiao Mei
Do you eat rice only?
Yes, I only eat rice. I am on diet. 
How about you? Have you had lunch?


Unit 13

Holiday is coming 假期到啦

Holiday is coming  假期到啦

Next week, we’ll have a seven-day holiday.
Where are you planning to go?
I’m going to Beijing, but I don’t know how’s the weather in Beijing next week. It’s just the right season to go to Beijing,   

Unit 15

She likes you 她喜欢你

She likes you  她喜欢你

Look! Xiao Zhì
That girl.
Is that girl from the front?
No, the girl in the back.
Where? No someone.

Unit 2

Thank you! 谢谢!

Thank you! 谢谢!

Thank you! Lady
Never mind.
Hey! What are you looking at?
Why should be you? 
Why shouldn’t be me?
I, She and You?


Unit 4

Who is he? 他是谁?

Who is he? 他是谁?

Who was that boy with you yesterday?

My classmate.

The two people who were with you

the day before yesterday, who are they?

My friend and her boyfriend.

Unit 6

Lovely Kitten and Puppy 可爱的小猫和小狗

Lovely Kitten and Puppy 可爱的小猫和小狗

Kei, where are you going?

Going to hospital

What’s wrong with your leg?

I just went to your home

I was not aware of your puppy under the chair.


Unit 8

Invitation 邀约

Invitation  邀约

Xiao Mei~~
Available tomorrow? 
Let’s go to watch movie  .
Tomorrow? Sorry~~~I have been engaged.
How about the day after tomorrow?

Unit 10

Have You Confessed Your Love? 你表白了吗?

Have You Confessed Your Love? 你表白了吗?

How was your trip?
That was great! 
You know, I met an American guy.
He is called Tom!
Wow! Really? 
How does he look like?

Unit 12

Shopaloic 购物狂

Shopaloic  购物狂

Mrs. Zhang! Why are you carrying so many things?
Today has the biggest sales at the shopping mall
So, my husband and I went there and bought some stuff 
You bought all this stuff?
It’s fine! Not too much

Unit 14

Whom You Are Calling? 你在给谁打电话?

Whom You Are Calling? 你在给谁打电话?

Hey, what are you doing?
Are you still sleeping?
Er …You are watching TV.
I wonder if you are available in the morning of tomorrow.