Open Class - The Chinese Language Proficiency Test (HSK) Level 6

Learning Highlight

  • Learn a vocabulary of 600 Chinese characters and understand the relevant grammatical structure.

  • Use real-life and simple scenarios to enable you to confidently master the taught vocabulary and grammatical constructs.

  • Prepare to pass the HSK Test Level 3 and build a solid foundation to top up to higher level of the Test.

  • HSK Level 3 open class is designed for a beginner who plan to participate in the HSK Test Level 3.

  • The class consists of five sections, including pronunciation, conversation, grammar, elementary introduction of Chinese characters, and the HSK mock test.

  • Having passed the HSK Test Level 3, you are expected to have a good understanding in using simple Chinese words and phrases to meet basic needs for communication using Mandarin and be able to further your HSK Level 4 study.

  • Below 20 units are specifically designed to help you learn and master the required knowledge and skills to pass the HSK Test Level 3.

  • If you need our Chinese teachers to coach you throughout your study of the HSK Test Level 3, you are always welcomed to register our relevant courses.