Open Class HSK test -

Unit 1

Expressing love 表达爱意

Learning Objective 

Chinese Grammar

The Chinese grammar section explains the main grammatical structures you need to know in order to make your own sentences.  There are example sentences to show how the language is used. 


Watch our videos to help you understand grammar and listen our audios to help you pronounce the language in an interactive, clear and simple way.

In this unit, learn to:

  1. 1. Use the phrase ‘是不是’
    a) to show one’s surprise or unbelievable about something
    b) to verify information, or
    c) to ask for help in a polite and indirect way

    Three common structures of using  ‘是不是’:

    a) Put ‘是不是’ at the end of a sentence.
    e.g.  电影八点开始,是不是? The film starts at eight,doesn’t it?

    b)Put ‘是不是’ after subject.
    e.g.  你是不是明天去中国? Are you going to China tomorrow?

    c)Put ‘是不是’ in front of subject.
    e.g.   是不是她昨天来过? Did she come here yesterday?


  2. Use the word '真' before an adjective to express ‘indeed’ or ‘really’ and put emphasis on the adjective with the grammatical structure of  '真 +  adjective' 

    e.g.   这件衣服真漂亮。 The dress is so beautiful.

Chinese Vocabulary and Writing

The Chinese vocabulary and writing section introduces new Chinese vocabulary you need to know in order to understand the language.  For each new vocabulary, you learn what it means, how to pronounce and write it. 

Having a good vocabulary will help you improve your language level and become a more confident speaker of Mandarin.  Practising Chinese writing is often one of the best ways to improve your vocabulary.


Chinese character copybooks available online or in printed format enable you to practise your Chinese writing in a stroke by stroke manner.  


In this unit, learn how to pronounce and write new vocabulary below:

  • 给 [ gěi ] To, for

  • 姐姐 [ jiě jie ] Elder sister

  • 两 [ liǎng ] Two

  • 它 [ tā ] It

  • 玩儿 [ wánr ] To play, to have fun

  • 眼晴 [ yǎn jīng ] Eye

  • 一起 [ yì qǐ ] Together

  • 真 [ zhēn ] Really, indeed

Supplementary Notes