Open Class HSK test -

Unit 7

Amazing afternoon tea 精彩的下午茶

Learning Objective 

Chinese Grammar

The Chinese grammar section explains the main grammatical structures you need to know in order to make your own sentences.  There are example sentences to show how the language is used. 


Watch our videos to help you understand grammar and listen our audios to help you pronounce the language in an interactive, clear and simple way.

In this unit, learn to:

  1. Use the overlapping form of the verb to express the meaning of short time, small amount, briefly, or try to do something. The tune is relaxed and casual.

    你跟我说说你们的故事。 Tell me your story.
    给我看看她的照片。 Show me her picture.


  2. Use the reduplication of measure words to emphasize that a specific feature is shared by every member in a certain group.

    同学们个个都很高兴。 All the students are very happy.
    我和我哥天天都去跑步。 My brother and I go running every day.


  3. Ask about the degree of something using the interrogative pronoun ‘多’.

    你多大? How old are you?

Chinese Vocabulary and Writing

The Chinese vocabulary and writing section introduces new Chinese vocabulary you need to know in order to understand the language.  For each new vocabulary, you learn what it means, how to pronounce and write it. 

Having a good vocabulary will help you improve your language level and become a more confident speaker of Mandarin.  Practising Chinese writing is often one of the best ways to improve your vocabulary.


Chinese character copybooks available online or in printed format enable you to practise your Chinese writing in a stroke by stroke manner.  


In this unit, learn how to pronounce and write new vocabulary below:

  • 白 [ bái ] White

  • 百 [ bǎi ] Hundred

  • 不错 [ bú cuò ] Pretty good

  • 服务员 [ fú wù yuán ] Attendant, waiter/waitress

  • 公斤 [ ɡōnɡ jīn ] Kilogram

  • 告诉 [ ɡào sù ] To tell

  • 黑 [ hēi ] Black

  • 件 [ jiàn ] Piece

  • 妻子 [ qī zi ] Wife

  • 颜色 [ yán sè ] Color

  • 找 [ zhǎo ] To look for

Supplementary Notes