Pinyin Course

Kids in Art Class


Design for students with no exposure or new to Mandarin pinyin.

Learning Approach

  • Start with the foundation of the construction of Mandarin Chinese.

  • Introduce a set of initials and finals of pinyin.

  • Explain the phonetic translation of Mandarin pronunciation and tones.

  • Discuss the rules of tone changes in pinyin.

  • Study the spelling rules of pinyin.

  • Provide substantial examples to demonstrate pinyin concepts.

  • Conduct a quiz  to evaluate a good understanding of taught materials for each session. 



Total 10 sessions, 50 mins per each session.

Student Handout - Lesson 10

Review and Summary of Pinyin

Learning Objective

It is the last session of the Mandarin Pinyin course.  We summarize and review some of our key learning areas in this course and do some exercises to make use of pinyin for article reading. 

In this unit, we aim to:

  1. Recap 23 initials, 24 finals and 4 basic tones; 

  2. Review rules of tone changes, third-tone changes [ yi ] and [bu];

  3. Go through spelling rules;

  4.  Review the special usage of the separate apostrophe [ ' ];

  5. Do exercises including article reading and tongue twister pronunciation.

 e-Book  Pinyin - Lesson 10
Download Student Handout Here.