Pinyin Course

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Design for students with no exposure or new to Mandarin pinyin.

Learning Approach

  • Start with the foundation of the construction of Mandarin Chinese.

  • Introduce a set of initials and finals of pinyin.

  • Explain the phonetic translation of Mandarin pronunciation and tones.

  • Discuss the rules of tone changes in pinyin.

  • Study the spelling rules of pinyin.

  • Provide substantial examples to demonstrate pinyin concepts.

  • Conduct a quiz  to evaluate a good understanding of taught materials for each session. 



Total 10 sessions, 50 mins per each session.

Student Handout - Lesson 1

Introduce Mandarin Pinyin and Tones

Learning Objective

It is the first session of the Mandarin Pinyin course.  To warm up, you are advised to watch the below 2 videos before the start of the session:

  1.  What is Mandarin Chinese?

  2.  Why Need to Know Mandarin Pinyin?

In this unit, we aim to:

  1. Introduce the Mandarin pinyin and concept of a syllable;

  2. Study and pronounce 23 initials;

  3. Learn 24 finals, including simple, compound, special and nasal finals;

  4. Use graphs to learn and illustrate 4 basic tones, including first, second, third and fourth tones; 

  5. Discuss neutral tones and the proper way to pronounce it.

 e-Book  Pinyin - Lesson 1
Download Student Handout Here.