Write Chinese Course


Design for students with no exposure or new to write Chinese characters.

Learning Approach

  • Start with the foundation of eight basic forms of Chinese strokes.

  • Introduce seven rules of Chinese stroke orders.

  • Explain the structures of  Chinese characters, including single and compound components

  • Start to write 30 simple Chinese characters.

  • Provide substantial examples to demonstrate the correct way of writing Chinese.

  • Conduct a quiz  to evaluate a good understanding of taught materials for each session. 


Total 10 sessions, 50 mins per each session.

Course Structure

Lessons 1-2

Study Eight Basic Forms of Chinese Strokes

1-on-1 Class

for 2 Sessions

Lessons 3-4

Understand Seven Rules of Chinese Stroke Orders

1-on-1 Class

for 2 Sessions

Lessons 5-7

Learn  Single and Compound Structures of Chinese Characters

1-on-1 Class

for 3 Sessions

Lessons 8-10

Learn and Practice to Write 30 Simple Chinese Characters

1-on-1 Class

for 3 Sessions

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