Open Class - Daily Mandarin

Learning Highlight

  • Study Mandarin language which is common spoken in Chinese daily life.

  • Use simple scenarios to demonstrate how to use and pronounce the basic Chinese vocabulary.

  • Extend to study various rules of grammar, important vocabulary and key phases to help effective Mandarin learning.

  • Highlight cultural wisdom when using Mandarin.

  • Listen to audio tracks to better understand the tones and sounds pronounced by our native Chinese teachers. 

01 Greet in the Morning

In the morning,  "Good morning", or simply "Morning" are common spoken greetings in English.  Let see the morning greeting in Mandarin, which is often spoken before 08:00 a.m. 

HSO-DM-01-good morning0.jpg

03 Meet a Person Whom You Know But Miss for Sometime

When you meet a person whom you know but have a long time no see, do you know how to start your conversation and respond to such the scenario using Mandarin? Let us talk about it as follows.

Exchanging Gifts

05 Have You Eaten?

At round mealtime, when Chinese people meet, it is common to greet each other by saying, “ 你 吃 了吗 (nǐ chī le ma)? “ (Have you eaten yet?), or the " 你 nǐ ", or "you" is omitted for simplicity in everyday usage.  You need to be familiar to use ” 吃 了 吗? chī le ma ?" as it is most often used between friends, co-workers and neighbors at mealtime. Let us talk about how to use and respond to it as follows.

L5 photo.jpg

07 Chat About Favourite Seasons

Spring, summer, autumn and winter are the four seasons we well know.  Each season keeps coming and leaving continuously for years. Different people have their favourite seasons for whatever reasons. However, no matter what season you like, there are many popular seasonal activities like celebrating new year in spring, swimming in summer, hiking in autumn, making a snowman in winter you might every experience with fun before. Let us learn how to express your favourite seasons and what kind of activities you often engage in the seasons.

Winter Tea

10 Talk About Weather

People often love to talk about the weather, it is always a good way of breaking the ice especially when starting a conversation. It is quite the same in China.  Let us see how to use Mandarin to talk about weather to kick started your conversation whenever necessary as follows.


02 Say "Hello! How are You?"

In English, when greeting a person, the most common greeting would be: Hello! How are you?  In Mandarin, it often says  ' 你 好 ! '. Let learn how to talk about the greeting.


04 Send Someone Your Regards

In English, to send a person your regards is a formal way to say hello to the person. It expresses that you pass on a positive attitude to greet the relevant person(s) whom you remembered. It is often that you give your regards to someone who is not there, you do this via another (third) person to help give someone else your regards. How to express to give someone your regards in Mandarin? Let us talk about it as follows.

Lady shopping.jpg

06 Talk About Pleasant Weather?

When you’re hanging out with friends or meeting new people at a party, the weather is quite the popular conversation starter. It is the same in China. Let see how to express pleasant weather in Chinese.

Young Joggers

12 Ask For Directions

If you are going to a Chinese-speaking country, in case you are unable to find a specific place without getting lost, it is important you can ask for directions in Mandarin. Today’s conversation talks about how to ask for directions and how to understand the directions be given.


11 Greet in a Questionnaire Survey

Have you conducted any questionnaire survey before in the street? Or, be invited to fill in a questionnaire for a survey study? In this unit, we see how to use the greeting words or phrases to request a survey interviewee to respond and complete a questionnaire in Mandarin as follows.


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