How To Effectively Learn a New Language Like Mandarin?

When people set out to learn a new language, they are eager to jump to levels of higher complexity and proficiency as soon as possible despite of the fact that they have an elementary or beginner level. However, learning a novel language is an arduous task that requires proper concentration, dedication, and frequent practice. For learning any new language, the best course of action would be to start at the absolute beginning and gradually move forward.

When learning a new language there are always intrinsic and extrinsic motivations and we usually choose the language according to them. In this article we are going to discuss Mandarin Chinese.

Why Mandarin Chinese?

In the era of technological advancement and large-scale inter-communication between countries, being bilingual has become a necessity for anyone thinking of working in any foreign or international company that holds prestige. At the same time, China is now becoming the world’s top producer of almost everything and its industrial expansion and business dealings relating to technological gadgets are increasing day by day. With this said, it can easily be concluded that China is nowadays an economic powerhouse.

Mandarin Chinese, which is the official language of China, holds the position for the most spoken language through-out the world by a long shot, with over 920 million native speakers and other non-natives learning the language each day. Moreover, it is widely used in various parts of the world and different businesses.

With all these facts in mind, the pragmatic thing to do would be to learn Chinese speaking and Chinese writing for personal skill development, to better your prospects of job security, and for educational opportunities in the future.

Where and How to Get Started?

Taking a proper language course is your best option to ensure that you don’t rush all at once, take time to absorb and effectively put into practice what you learn. There are several free courses on the internet, among them Happy School Online for Mandarin Learning, which offers high-quality courses delivered by professionals.

These are some reasons why this online school is a great option for you. First off, it offers you step-by-step guidelines, providing examples along the way and tutorial videos to help you learn smoothly. They first teach you Mandarin Pinyin, which is the phonetic transcription of Mandarin, and they help you understand the pronunciation, tones, and spellings of words, which is the most important thing while learning a language. This will then help you in Chinese listening, speaking, and inserting characters while typing.

The second most important thing to consider is the writing skill. Happy School Online for Mandarin Learning provides an entire course on that too! It starts with explaining the different strokes of Chinese along with their orders and then goes on to explain the structures and different components of words which is immensely helpful in writing. At the end it even helps you practice writing through some examples.

Lastly, what holds any language together and makes sense of it all is its grammar. Here you’ll learn Chinese grammar along with numbers, their combinations and some lessons on the everyday usage of what you learn.

If you were thinking of starting taking some Mandarin lessons, don’t think any longer and get started!


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