HSK Level 2 - Unit 12

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Square dancing 跳广场舞

Learning Highlight

  • Use the preposition word ‘’ to construct a relationship between Subject and Object. The relationship of the stated Subject and Object is described with a Verb or an Adjective. The grammatical structure ' Subject + 对 + Object + Verb/ Adjective '.

  • Use the words ' 还 + 好/可以 ' to express something is ‘fairly good’ or acceptable with the grammatical structure ' Subject + 还 + 好/可以 '.

  • Use the pair of conjunctions '因为 ..., 所以 ...' to explain causes and consequences with the grammatical structure ' 因为 + Cause, 所以 + Consequence '.

  • Construct complex sentences using two verbs such as invite, let or ask somebody to do something with the grammatical structure ' Subject A + Verb (e.g. 请、让) + Object / Subject B + Predicate '.

About the Video

Ah Xiong, long time no see,

How is it going?

I have been in the hospital, was just discharged from the hospital

Did you feel unwell?

I still remember you have been feeling unwell for almost a month.


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