HSK Level 2 - Unit 3

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Which way is closer? 从哪边走近?

Learning Highlight

  • Use a grammatical structure of '从 ... 到 ... (from...to...)': a) to show from one time or one place to another. b) to express a process of an event.

  • Use '' to express ‘want to’ or ‘would like to’ using a grammatical structure of 'Subject + 要 + Verb'.

  • Use '不想' to express the negative form of ‘don’t want to’ or ‘would not like to’ using a grammatical structure of 'Subject + 不想 + Verb'.

  • Use '' and '' to express ‘a few ’ or ‘more than a number’ to indicate approximate numbers.

About the Video

Da Hua, you do not go working this morning.

What are you doing over there?

Here, I find a close friend.

Xiao Mei, could you please show me the way to go to your neighborhood?

Why do you need to go to my neighborhood?


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