HSK Level 2 - Unit 4

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

I want to sleep well 我想睡个好觉

Learning Highlight

  • Use the phase '有点儿' as an adverb to indicate 'a little' in level . It is often used to express something which is unsatisfactory, impatient, dissatisfied or unfulfilled expectations. The structure is 有点儿 + Adjective / Verb.

  • Use the word ‘一下’ after a verb: a) to express an action is done briefly or casually. b) to indicate an attempt to do something.

  • Use the word '' to express that something is still happening or an action is continuing.

About the Video

Xin Yi, how come you go home now?

Don’t mention it.My teacher saw me sleeping in class.

He talked to me after class.

Why don’t you go home?


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