HSK Level 2 - Unit 8

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Swim to the United States 游泳去美国

Learning Highlight

  • Use the adverb of time '已经' to express an action which has been competed or being reached a certain degree.

  • Use the word ‘’ to express past experience, actions or behaviors which do not last to the present with the grammatical structure ' Subject + Verb + 过 + Object '.

  • Talk about the number of times that an action has taken place with the grammatical structures: a) ' Subject + Verb + 过 + Number + 次 ', or b) ' Subject + Verb + 过 + Object + Number + 次 '

  • Express a conclusion or a resolution made by the basis of what has been mentioned previously using the grammatical structure: + Verb.

About the Video

Ah Kei, Ah Hua, where do you think we go travel?

Go to the U.S.

I also want to go the U.S.

Ok, let’s go travel to the U.S.,

although I went there once last year.


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