Mandarin for Everyday Course

Mandarin for Everyday is designed to help you study Mandarin language that is commonly spoken in everyday life. We use daily life scenarios to enable you to grasp key vocabulary, master listening skill and demonstrate an appropriate speaking manner.

We structure each unit of the course as follows:

  • Use flashcard to listen and memorize pronunciation of the vocabulary required.

  • Watch our situational videos to further enhance your listening skill, usage of key vocabulary and simulated experience toward a particular scenario.

  • Listen to a particular scenario in slow speed carefully and repeatedly until you grasp most of the contents of the scenario. Then, listen it in normal speed, line by line manner again if required.

  • Play with our quizzes to test knowledge and understanding about the core of a unit. ​

  • Extend to learn and study rules of grammar, key vocabulary and phrases, cultural wisdom relevant to a specific scenario.

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