Mastering Mandarin Pinyin is a Key to Mandarin Learning

If you’re looking into learning Chinese, it would be best to invest in learning Mandarin Chinese, also called the ‘Standard Chinese’ which is spoken in mainland China. It’s widely spoken and could prove an immensely useful tool for you in the future considering the growing development and expansion of the Chinese business and industries in the world. The quickest and most effective way to gain a solid grasp on Mandarin would be through learning Mandarin Pinyin.

For beginners who are just starting to learn the language, pinyin could be called an absolute necessity if they want to learn quickly and successfully. It provides the basic building blocks and is quite literally the alphabet of the Mandarin, since it is a phonetic transcription, specifically derived for the non-native speaker, to ease in learning.

Pinyin: Foundation of Learning Mandarin Chinese

Well, what exactly is Mandarin Pinyin? It’s the romanization of the Mandarin Chinese which helps in understanding the pronunciation of the Chinese alphabet and you can even use it to insert Chinese characters while typing. It consists of 3 parts: initial, final, and lastly tones. The first two parts constitute the phonetical segment of the Mandarin language while the last part, which is a symbol above a letter, also called diacritic or accent, puts an emphasis on the exact way the letter would be pronounced. It is obvious that learning Pinyin would not only be extremely useful in Chinese grammar and Chinese writing, but it would also provide the necessary basis required for efficient Chinese speaking and Chinese listening.

Where to Get Started and How

When you google learning Chinese Mandarin there are probably hundreds of sites or YouTube videos that show up. However, the most effective way to learn would be by taking a complete, proper course that starts at the very beginning, walks you through the basics, and gradually increases its complexity or difficulty level so you aren’t overwhelmed at once and actually enjoy the learning process. You can easily accomplish this by opting for a course at Happy School Online for Mandarin Learning.

There are several reasons as to this would be your best option. One of the most important and amazing, being that it provides free open courses for students worldwide. Another major reason is the fact that it provides a step-by-step guide to gaining command over Chinese Mandarin. Not only does it explain the usage of pinyin, it also elucidates in length about the significance of each part of the pinyin words, their particular role in making up the word and how they are effective in learning Chinese grammar and writing. It then goes on to explain the important tones of the language, their differences and where they are used as well as changes in tones that occur depending on the structure of your sentence. Lastly, it also puts emphasis on spelling changes that may occur in certain parts of words.


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